About Howard Hyman

Howard Hyman AppraiserIt is almost certain that there is not another automotive appraiser in the country that is Howard’s age who is more experienced, or who has performed anywhere close to as many appraisals as Howard Hyman!  That’s how it always works when you grow up in a family business. You are exposed to every facet of it as a teenager, and learn the business naturally from the inside out.

Howard was 14 when he and his father, Jeff Hyman, embarked on their first project together. They purchased a 1967 Mustang Fastback with a straight six motor. Howard did most of the work and the car was completely restored with the obvious installation of a nicely warmed over 302!

Even prior to that, whenever his father participated as a vendor at car shows all over the country it was always Howard’s job to walk the show handing out flyers. Later just handing out flyers became actually talking to potential customers and showing them actual appraisals of similar vehicles.

At 18 years old, in addition to going to College, Howard started appraising vehicles on a professional basis. Within a couple of years, Howard also participated as a vendor at car shows all over California and was appraising two or three vehicles a day, six days a week, amounting to literally well in excess of 10,000 appraisals! This is an amount of appraisals unheard of for a man of his age.