Scott Martin | Atlanta

Hello! My name is Scott Martin. I was born in 1958 in San Diego, California. I live in Flowery Branch, Georgia I have lived in several states in between but Georgia is my home.

I bought my first vehicle at age 13. You had to be 16 years old to drive legally. My age didn’t keep me from driving though. I already knew how to drive a standard stick shift as my uncle had taught me at age 10 in his 1957 Chevrolet.

My purchase was a 1961 Chevrolet Apache Ten Step Side Short Bed Pickup. I thought I was in Heaven. It had a 6 cylinder engine. First and 3rd gears as well as reverse worked just fine. However, there was no 2nd gear. This didn’t keep me from driving it. The engine smoked something terrible. This actually worked in my favor. When the smoke stopped I knew I was out of oil. Despite all this, I couldn’t believe I was the owner of a vehicle.

I knew my next step was to fix up the vehicle so that it would be the coolest vehicle in town. I decided to make a priority list. I did the most adult thing I knew how which was to add racing stripes using black electrical tape. Now indeed, I had the coolest ride in town. I lived in Oklahoma at the time. My only problem was that my mother wouldn’t let me drive until I was 16 years old. I respected her rule. Therefore, I did this by driving it only when she wasn’t home. She knew it all the time.

I kept the vehicle for 2 years and sold it for $100.00 (I only paid $25.00 for it) to buy a motorcycle. This is where my love for cars began.

I moved to Colorado and upgraded to a Chevrolet Pickup with a granny gear 4 speed. I paid $25.00 for this vehicle too. The engine was a 283 V8 and also smoked excessively. This is where I learned mechanics as I overhauled the motor completely with my Uncle’s help. This was in 1975. I lived with my Uncle who was beginning to restore a 1931 Ford Model A Pickup. He went completely original and we did a frame off total restoration. I can’t think of anything I enjoyed more than these projects. My Uncle let me drive his 1956 Willis Jeep while rebuilding the motor in my Pickup. This was completely original and probably one of the most dependable vehicles I’ve seen.

To save a lot of time, let me take you through my vehicle purchases:
• 1937 Plymouth – Had been setting in a wheat field and was given to me by a farmer. Traded for a 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster
• 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster – Kept for 20 years without turning a bolt, sold for $1,200
• 1972 Plymouth Duster – Traded in for a 1976 Pontiac Firebird.
• 1976 Pontiac Firebird – Traded in on a new car, yes the kind that looses value instead of gaining value after purchase.

This is when I learned the value of old cars.
• 1969 Pontiac Firebird – Sold to my younger brother during his college days
• 1957 Chevrolet Short Bed Pickup – Purchased it for $125 and sold it for $1200.
• 1956 Willis CJ5 Jeep – Yes, this is the one my Uncle let me drive. I restored it completely and still have it. It is still one of the most dependable vehicles on the road.
• 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-Door Hard Top with Factory Air and a 283 – This is my car and the one I am restoring presently.

Vehicles in the process of being restored:
• 1958 Triumph TR3 Roadster –
• 1966 Chevelle SS Factory 4-Speed –

Vehicles I have totally restored:
• 1955 Chevrolet 6-passenger wagon
• 1965 Chevelle Malibu Convertible
• 1956 Willis CJ5 Jeep
I now have a shop totally dedicated to the restoration of vehicles.
I love old cars and I especially love old cars that go fast. I have been in several races but none professionally. I never had a race car per say but that didn’t keep me from racing. I raced everything from a hay truck to whatever vehicle I find myself behind the wheel, including my 2001 Chevy Silverado Pickup which is the vehicle I drive. All I need is someone to indicate let’s race.

I love old cars and enjoy bringing them back to life.

Scott Martin,
Pup’s Tri 5