About Jeff Hyman

about-jeff-hymanI (Jeff Hyman) have been associated with various facets of the automotive, restoration, custom automobile and racing community for almost forty years.

During this period I have gained a wealth of diversified information and experience from all kinds of hobbies, careers, pursuits and personal goals affiliated with all kinds of collector automobiles.

I have been the sales manager at a Rolls-Royce dealership in England. I have completed dozens of automotive repair courses, I have personally restored, and created over twenty collector vehicles, including European classics, 60‟s American muscle cars, vintage race cars and street-rods and show trucks.

I have raced vintage sports cars on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, I have had many articles printed by several prominent automotive publications, including Road and Track. I have participated in and have judged literally hundreds of car shows and Concours events in several different countries.

I have personally imported over twenty classic automobiles, and countless restoration components from Europe, and have managed a classic car showroom in Northern California, and am currently a member of several of automotive clubs and associations.

Originally trained by the A.A.A. (Automobile Appraisal Association) in Northern California back in 1989 when Classic Auto Appraiser was initially formed. Now a California Corporation, and joined by son Howard Hyman back in 1996, we have been appraising vehicles on a full time professional basis since then.

We are on the Board of Advisors for N.A.D.A. (National Automobile Dealers Association) and are consulted regularly by their editors for information and input with their various automotive value guide books.

"Over the past few years, Jeff has appraised all of the cars in my collection for me." - Kenny Wayne Shepperd

“Over the past few years, Jeff has appraised all of the cars in my collection for me.” – Kenny Wayne Shepperd

We now offer our own unique training program, and have taught many appraisers across the country. We have given many seminars to car clubs, insurance companies, financial institutions and automotive groups.

We have appeared as an expert witness dozens of times, and have participated in arbitration‟s on a regular basis. We have also worked in conjunction with various government and law enforcement agencies.

Jeff Hyman has been an expert witness for many of the countries most prominent law firms for the over twenty years as a much respected expert in the field of establishing the disputed value of collector vehicles. He was the chosen appraiser of note retained by councils to give expert witness testimony in what are so far both of counties highest value customized vehicle insurance losses, “Engine 36” the $480,000.00 custom built 1936 Ford Street Rod stolen in Seattle Washington, and the infamous “Chocolate Thunder” the $750,000.00 Troy Trapiner designed and built 1937 Ford Cabriolet Street Rod that was stolen in Canada.

We are qualified to appraise vehicles for the I.R.S. for the purpose of tax donations, we perform this function on a regular basis for virtually all of the countries most prominent national non-profit charities. We also appraise vehicles that are donated to the countries finest automotive museums including the Petersen Museum, the N.H.R.A Museum and the Sprint Car Hall of Fame. We were indeed the appraisers of choice for a recent multi-million dollar automotive donation to the Petersen museum.

Our „specialty vehicle appraisals‟ are highly regarded and are often the only ones accepted by major credit unions, classic car finance companies, specialty auto insurance companies, car collectors, specialty manufacturers, classic car showrooms and enthusiasts. Indeed, several of the national specialized automotive insurance companies state that our appraisals are the most detailed and professional of any appraisal organization in the country.

We pride ourselves with presenting our clients with what are considered to be the most professional documents and literature in the industry.

We are the appraisers of choice for virtually every Classic, Customized, Street-Rod, Hot- Rod, Specialized and Custom Bike builder, consignment house, component suppliers and fabricators in California and the West Coast. We were the appraisers of choice for the Overhaulin and Rides television series, and are actually named in the show credits. We have also appraised cars for many well known Hollywood celebrities.

Boyd Coddingtons appraiser for over 15 years, Jeff Hyman is the ONLY appraiser in the country authorized by the Coddington family to certify, authenticate and appraise Boyd‟s hundreds of unique creations. We are also the appraisers of choice for the likes of Chip Foose, Barry White, Larry Ericson, So-Cal Speed Shop, Bobco, D&P Chevrolet, Bow-Tie Connection, Corvette Mike, Coast Corvette, West Coast Corvette, California Street Rods, Dan Fink Metalworks, Family Classic Cars, Superformance, Hillbank Motors, Hotchkiss Performance, Kugel Komponents, Limeworks, Rodtech, Timeless Kustoms, Truspeed, American Hot Rod, etc, etc.

Classic Auto Appraiser is a family owned business that regularly participates as a vender, displaying our product at some of the largest and most prestigious automotive events in the country such as the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas, various Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auctions, The Grand National Roadster Show, The L.A. Roadster Show, multiple Goodguy’s events, the Southern California‟s Cruisin’ for a Cure & Labor Day Cruise for the past 15 years.

After both realizing and suffering from the myriad of problems that are associated with attempting to set up a network of appraisers across the country, simple logic dictates that a person cannot be taught three decades of the automotive knowledge and expertise vital for the professional inspecting and appraising collector vehicles in just three or four days!

Realizing the old adage, “If you want it done right, do it yourself”, we once again travel all around the country appraising all types of collector vehicles on a full time professional basis.