Mike Rodriquez | Southern Utah & Northern Arizona

Since then I have inspected and appraised hundreds of cars on my own but always knowing that I had the help and support of one of the most renowned classic car appraisers in the world. I am proud to call Jeff Hyman my friend and will be forever grateful to Jeff for helping me realize a dream to do something that is truly enjoyable and to earn money helping other car guys protect their investment by doing something I love. There is an old saying that if you are doing something you love it is not really work and that is why I am honored to be part of the Classic Auto Appraiser team.

Mike Rodriguez Classic Car AppraiserI was first bitten by the hot rod bug when I was about ten years old while growing up in the early 60’s in Southern California and went to see my first drag races at the old Rivergrade Road Drag Strip which was the predecessor to what later became Irwindale Raceway. Watching the starter jump up waving the green flag to start those old “rail” dragsters was an image that would stay with me forever and got me hooked on everything to do with fast cars and cool customs. I remember building countless model cars before I could ever get my own set of wheels while trying to decide whether it would be a cool Deuce coupe, sharp Chevy shoebox or one of the new Muscle cars hitting the dealerships in the late 60’s. Seeing all the cool old cars and hot rods cruising all over Southern California was just something I had to be a part of and it was only a matter of time that I too would be cruising Whittier Blvd. and running down the dragstrip in my own set of wheels.

During the summer of 1968 before my junior year of high school I finally found a medium blue 65 Plymouth Satellite with a 383 and four speed that I bought for $700 from money I made pumping gas at the local Mobil station. Since then I have bought, sold, traded, restored, built and customized over a hundred antique and classic cars and trucks and I now own a low mileage 1965 medium blue Plymouth Satellite like my first high school car but this one is more refined with its factory AC, power steering, disc brakes and now sports a rebuilt high performance 440 Mopar big block with a 727 automatic transmission. The Mopar is parked alongside a big shiny ‘63 Pontiac Catalina Safari wagon just like the one my parents took our family on summer vacations but this one is powered by a 400 Ram Air GTO engine and has all the creature comforts of a new car that many of today’s highly modified classic cruisers now come equipped with.

I have relocated to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona where I am available to help all of the classic car buffs that now call the Southwest desert their home with all of their classic and collector car appraisal needs.